Things To Do in Lake Nona

A High-Tech Neo-Urban Community

Walk to the neighboring Drive Shack and fine-tune your golf swing. Take our complimentary shuttle to Lake Nona Performance Club and start your day with a spin class. A cutting-edge destination and a hub of innovation, Lake Nona Town Center offers an outstanding selection of group activities and entertainment for all your guests to enjoy.

a person swinging a golf club

Drive Shack

Located directly next to our event center, Drive Shack offers a unique golfing experience with interactive driving ranges and state-of-the-art technology. This is the perfect place for groups looking to unwind, tee off, and have a drink or bite to eat.

a person working out on a bench

Lake Nona Performance Club

This cutting-edge fitness center and performance club features a wide range of exercise programs, advanced equipment from TechnoGym, and personalized guidance from experienced trainers, catering to both professional athletes and visitors looking to stay active.

a man hitting a ball with a tennis racket

USTA National Campus

The USTA National Campus is a premier destination for tennis lovers, offering an expansive complex with about 100 courts. This is a great spot for clinics, tournaments, and recreational play in a world-class setting.

a man water skiing

Nona Adventure Park

Nona Adventure Park features exciting outdoor attractions, including a water-based obstacle course, wakeboarding, and a climbing tower. Discover a go-to for adventurous activities or fun team-building experiences on the water.

a woman lying on the ground

Chopra Mind Body Zone and Spa

This tranquil wellness center provides a holistic approach to health with yoga, meditation, and spa services. Ideal for groups seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, Chopra Mind Body Zone and Spa offers a variety of classes to choose from.

a statue in a garden

Lake Nona Sculpture Garden

The Lake Nona Sculpture Garden is a unique outdoor space showcasing a curated collection of contemporary sculptures. The garden offers a peaceful retreat for groups looking to immerse themselves in art and nature.